System Components & Specifications

Fire Alarm Control Panels: 

  • DF6100 panel model:, single or 2 loop system, large selection of compatible ancillaries, integral battery and power supply, 200 address capacity per loop, approved to EN54 Pt 13, and EN54 Pt2 and Pt4.
  • DF6000 model: 1,2 and 4 loop versions, optional integral printer, integral battery and power supply, 200 addresses per loop, charger with temperature compensation built in, battery capacity check.

Detection & Manual Devices: 

  • Three types of intelligent addressable sensors: Optical smoke sensor, Multi-mode heat sensor, and photo thermal sensor.
  • Optical smoke detector: giving the fastest response for fires giving rise to large visible smoke particles.
  • Multi-mode heat sensor: can be set to one of 3 modes: fixed temperature 77oC/92oC, and rate of rise. They are used in environments where the ambient conditions might cause fire alarms if smoke detection were to be used.
  • Photo thermal sensor: the thermal enhancement of this sensor allows a higher alarm threshold which provide a greater rejection of false alarms. The sensor also raises an alarm at temperatures exceeding 60oC.
  • Addressable call points are designed with convenient clip fixed front cover, one key for test and cover removal. They are available as surface, flush, and weatherproof.

Notification Devices: 

  • Analogue sounder are available with high efficiency design and adjustable tones and volumes.
  • Loop powered, high efficiency design, selectable tones controlled by the panel, adjustable volume controlled by the panel, simple clip fixing assembly.

Auxiliary Devices:

  • Output and input modules are available to activate relays and monitor dry contact devices respectively.
  • Micro single channel Output units are suitable for switching low voltage, via a set of non latching relay contacts, suitable for switching HVAC control circuits, plant shutdown control circuit, fire door closure etc.
  • Micro single channel input are suitable for monitoring flow switches, non fire inputs, and auxiliary panels.