System Components & Specifications

Fire Alarm Control Panels: 

  • The fire alarm control panels range from 1, 2, 4 to 8 zones.
  • The control panels can be custom configured versions available to meet specific project requirements, third party approved.
  • Compact design, surface or semi-flush mounting, numerical access code.

Detection & Manual Devices: 

  • The detectors consist of optical smoke detectors, fixed heat detectors, rate of rise heat detectors, and photothermal detectors.
  • Quick and simple to install, stylish low profile design, 360o viewable LED, removable detector chamber, and drift compensation.
  • FXN 533 optical smoke detectors: give the fastest response for fires giving rise to large visible smoke particles
  • FXN 632 photothermal detector: the thermal enhancement of this detector allows a higher alarm threshold which provide a greater rejection of false alarms. The sensor also raises an alarm at temperatures exceeding 60oC.
  • FXN 524 & 526 fixed heat detectors: detect temperatures above 77oC & 92oC respectively.
  • FXN 525 rate of rise heat detectors: detect rapid increases in temperature with a maximum threshold of 60oC.
  • Conventional call points are designed with convenient clip fixed front cover, and high visibility status LED. Standard and weatherproof versions are available, heavy duty terminals, quick and simple installation, single tool for test and access.

Notification Devices: 

  • Conventional sounder are available with choice of colour (red or white) and 32 selectable tones, they provide high sound output using low current.
  • low profile design, pre drilled cable entries, suitable for a wide range of application, automatic synchronization.