System Components & Specifications


  • Fire detection can be provided by fixed temperature thermostats, linear or safe-IR detectors, or any combination as necessary


  • Cylinders are available in different sizes and mounts (13 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb), and are filled with ABC or Purple K dry chemical.


  • The cylinders are constructed of steel and coated with an epoxy primer and a polyurethane top coat for excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Brass valve with a brass gauge guard to protect the pressure gauge in rugged environments.

Nozzles and Suppression:

  • Fire suppression agent is delivered to hazard areas by fixed high capacity fast flow machined brass nozzles.

General System Specifications: 

  • The control panel connects to the system wiring by click lock connectors. Rugged anti-vibration enclosure works in temperatures of -40oC to 74oC. Low power consumption and backup battery to guarantee 24/7 fire detection and suppression.